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UFC fighter Justine Kish defecates in the octagon when locked in submission — WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

Justine Kish

S–t happens. And that’s exactly how UFC fighter Justine Kish explained her last match.

During Justine Kish’s fight against Felice Herrig at UFC Fight 112 Saturday, Kish was put in a submission that made her bowels fail.

Herrig was able to pick up the win after the fight went all three rounds, but it almost came to an end sooner in the third round when she locked Kish in a rear-naked choke. Kish did not tap out but she ended up defecating on the canvas.

Watch video below, at your own risk:

After the fight, Kish embraced the moment on Twitter, acknowledging what happened in a “s–t happens” hashtag. Other fighters also responded to her tweet, praising her for being open and honest after a good fight.

The poop on the mat wasn’t discovered by referees during the fight or else the match would’ve been stopped immediately.

UFC referee Big John McCarthy said on Twitter there is no cleanup or timeout when this happens. For the person who loses control of their bladder, they are given a TKO loss.

Up until her loss Saturday night, Kish was undefeated in the octagon. She’ll look to redeem herself in her next fight and wipe off the tough loss.

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