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The Punisher Official Trailer Released

The Punisher

Netflix has finally released the long-awaited trailer for The Punisher, and it’s as action-packed as you’d hoped.

The Punisher picks up where Daredevil left off, as fans know that Frank Castle survived the boat explosion. Thing is, most of the city doesn’t know that, but they’re going to get a rude awakening once Castle dons his classic gear and starts running through the streets after his prey.

Want to know where Frank Castle is? Just follow the blood and take a left when you see the explosions.

As you can see in the trailer, the series will also take a dive back into Castle’s past, showing the brutal moments that made the character who he is today. You can also see Castle accompanied by Karen Page, who grew to empathize a bit with Castle during Daredevil Season Two. She’ll have a significant role to play alongside newcomers like Micro, but the main focus will, of course, be on The Punisher, his tragic backstory, and the revenge he so desperately seeks against those who took his family.

You can view the new trailer in the video above.

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Netflix might have released new footage of the anticipated show, but they are being very coy with the release date. Towards the end a redacted counter can be seen, merely showing the year.

The Punisher could debut as early as this month, though an October release isn’t out of the question.

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