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Susan La Flesche Picotte: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Susan La Flesche Picotte

Susan La Flesche Picotte, a doctor and reformer, is best known for being the first Native American physician in the United States, and a pivotal figure in the temperance movement, which campaigned against the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
If you’re headed into Google page, you may notice her on daily Google Doodle is the subject of today’s Google Doodle, because today, on June 17th, 2017, would be her 152nd birthday.

Susan La Flesche Picotte, known to her patients as “Dr. Sue,” was born on June 17th, 1865 on the Omaha Reservation and died on September 18th, 1915 in Walthill, Nebraska.

“Picotte was a fierce public health advocate and social reformer. She promoted life-saving hygiene practices, such as the elimination of communal drinking cups and the installation of screen doors to keep out disease-carrying insects,” says Google. “Most notably, in 1913, she personally raised the funds to build a modern hospital in her hometown, which you can see pictured to the right of today’s Doodle. Picotte’s remarkable career as a physician and health advocate just scratches the surface of her legacy. She was more than the reservation’s doctor – she was also an advisor, confidant, and symbol of hope for the Omaha.”

Learn more about Picotte, her personal life, and her groundbreaking career here:

1. She Was Born On an Indian Reservation But Educated In Pennsylvania
2. She Became the First Native American Physician In 1889
3. She Married Henry Picotte In 1894
4. She Was A Pivotal Voice for Native American Rights
5. She Dealt With Chronic Illness Most of Her Life


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