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Youtuber Jake Paul renting $17K/month McMansion and driving neighbors mad

Jake Paul

Youtube star Jake Paul may make his 8.6 million subscribers happy, but he’s making his Beverly Grove neighbors miserable.

The 20-year-old, who first became internet-famous on the now defunct app Vine, has been living with friends and “coworkers” in a Beverly Grove rental near Melrose and Kilkea. Mic reports they use the house as ground zero for loud parties and for some of his “stunts,” including lighting a pile of furniture on fire in the house’s drained pool and popping wheelies on a dirt bike on the street.

He has also publicized the address of his home, so droves of his young fans and their parents now regularly line the streets.

Neighbors told local news channel KTLA that their once quiet neighborhood has been ruined, with one woman telling KTLA: “We’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors, but they are not.”

Paul admitted to the news crew that he had indeed created some miserable conditions on the street. But, he said, “there’s nothing we can do.” He later Tweeted that it’s “crazy” people care about him being a terrible neighbor, because there are “bigger fish 2 fry.”

Jake Paul has been living in the McMansion-style contemporary—where rent is $17,459 per month, MLS records show—since June 2016. (Paul is reportedly pulling in “millions” of dollars and is an actor on the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark, so he can afford it.)

The house is described on the MLS as having five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It was recently a Spanish-style duplex, but building permits show a new house was built on the site in 2016.

Beverly Grove has long fought against McMansionization of the neighborhood. Now many neighbors may be wondering, if they didn’t build it, would Jake Paul have come?

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