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Adam West fans mourn the loss of Batman under the Bat-signal in Los Angeles

Adam West Tribute

Adam West – the Hero’s gone, but not forgotten!
The citizens of Los Angeles gathered outside of a makeshift Gotham to pay their respects to Adam West, aka Batman.

Adam West died June 9 after a short battle with leukemia, but Thursday night City Hall glowed under the iconic bat-signal out of respect to the fallen hero.

Adam West the Batman

The original 1966 batmobile (complete with bat fire extinguisher and batphone) was parked at the steps, along with several other bat-centric automobiles. Fans congregated around the memorabilia to pay their respects to both the actor and to the hero West represented on screen Batman, who never really seemed like they were that different after all.

Artemio Rangel, 34, brought his three-year-old son Roan and wife Leslie. “I grew up with Batman, to a staggering degree.” Rangel said. “I’ve been a Batman fan since…ever. It’s everywhere. It’s in my house, it’s all over the place — my poor wife has to deal with it.”

Bat Signal LA

Leslie agreed, “When we were teaching [our son] words, one of the things that he taught him to say was, ‘What does Batman say?’ And he would say ‘Justice.’”

Louis White, 50, was slightly more somber in his black and yellow Batman t-shirt and beard. “A part of my childhood is done,” he said.

However he will always remember the one of the things West had that no other Batman after him could muster; “Accessibility,” White said.

“It would have been a whole different thing had I been a child and it was the Christian Bale Batman right out the top. I would have been terrified. It was that and my mom would buy me the comics — it was a wonderful memory.”


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